Thursday, October 1

OCTOBER 3-4 Full moon in Aries

The Aries Full Moon can restore a sense of the highly invigorated Self, before you're diluted, distracted, discouraged. It is the freshness of the original you, taking action without letting fear stop you. Its touch of defiance can help you break free of suffocating social convention. There's fight in Aries that resists being manipulated, en-tranced, branded with someone else's logo. Being in touch with the concentrated version of who you are, reminds you of your personal power
. Where the planets lie at this time brightens the possibilities of using technology to weave new social webs. It favors experimental and innovative solutions to fix what's askew. We can tune in together to a higher frequency of compassion, humanitarianism, and respect for all life. Great leaps can happen because of the instantaneous 'net, turning the "Other" into the global community!

Bottom line is ... Go forth and do what is best for your Self and others. Full moons can make some people more emotional, passionate- even irritable and edgy. But this full moon asks you to use that energy to take action, make goals and changes. Be part of the Greater Good. And choose to be kind. Sophia says so.

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