Tuesday, September 29


I am like a little round bead. I can roll with it, I can take a few hits, I can let things go. I move through life easily and freely. Life is Simple and Easy.

Some people are unable to let things go. There are those that struggle with rolling with it, and truthfully i've been there. I've been more of a poor little Emo sponge than a ball. I've spent time absorbing my or other people's issues, getting saturated with feelings, getting heavy (literally).

I don't feel that way anymore. Today I can manage. Today I can take what you give me and I will assess it. If it doesn't serve me or offer anything positive, if I don't need to own it, I will just continue on. I'm putting the old me back together. Maybe a new improved version; a little older and wiser.

It's unfortunate when people treat each other poorly. It's unneccessary. It serves no purpose to put out hostile, vengeful, spiteful energy. Bad karma in general is sooo not cool. And none of us are perfect, I mean I *TRY* to put karma pennies in the piggy bank. But sometimes it's not easy (or it feels like it's just not enough) to just shake your head and say wow, I hope that person gets better. I hope their attitude changes for the better. I hope they have a better day. I wish them well and healing thoughts because they are obviously messed up. When really you just want to go up to them and say what the HELL is wrong with you?! What in your BRAIN made what you just SAID or DID appear NORMAL to you!?! You freakin (insert favorite word here). Know what I mean?!!! But really who does that help. That energy is soooo counter productive. And plus if they're that stupid are they going to get anything you have to say? Likely not. Which will just piss you off more, so why go there.

Ah, anger. Such a fun and yet useless energy. It's healthy to get angry sometimes, especially if you spend all day acting normal...( omg that is a funny link) Just remember that you're the only one you're hurting by being angry.
Buddhist teacher Lama Surya Das reminds us that… “Patience means not retaliating with anger for anger, or harm for harm, and voluntarily bearing up under difficulties in order to progress on the path of spiritual awakening.”

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~n~ said...

oh, i hear ya. just breeeeeeathe through all the crap... er, challenges, that is, that life brings.

i read a quote (or poem?) today about a wasp. basically, it said: Sure, getting stung by a wasp sucks. But killing the wasp in retaliation, what does that prove? That I'm no better than the wasp myself. Be a bigger person than that. Leave the wasp be. ;)

p.s. word verification was "apitiers".... sounds like a drunk trying to say appetizers. LOL

Deanna said...

I saw this message on one of those signs outside a church:

"Love everyone a little more than they deserve."

btw good mantra... I have been trying to be less of a sponge these days!