Saturday, September 26

What is peace

Click this picture...
and just listen

It's called Cloudburst;
what an absolutely phenomenal composition.

The photo link is Eric Whitacre, the green link is the World Youth Choir directed by
MarĂ­a Guinand.

Other great songs
these are Eric Whitacre):

Nox Aurumque

Jeff Enns, Ave Maria

Funicoli, Angelina (World Youth Choir) Hilarious!! Italians will actually understand what he's saying. I was merely entertained by his face and voice, I LAUGHED OUT LOUD. Cutest song ever!

I'm so glad I looked up choral music; I'd let myself forget what a powerful influence and rewarding experience that choir was for me. I adored choir. I always wanted to be a better singer and to continue improving. It's so, so moving for me to hear vocalists of that calibre, with that much talent, all in one place, at one time. And such a percussive nature to creating rain in a song. Kind of like that Honda Commercial, remember this? Amazing, amazing, amazing.

Weep O Mine Eyes, for a friend

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~n~ said...

i'll have to check those links out when i'm on wireless in town sometime. i loved choir too; singing together is so uplifting for the spirit. there's a youth choir in town here and also an adult choir; i've thought about joining, just to have the opportunity to sing in a group again, but our schedule's busy enough at the moment. i'll just keep singing in the shower! LOL ;)

have a good one