Sunday, October 4

Mars Attacks! Fiery Mars stays in each sign for about seven weeks; however, sometimes it goes retrograde and stays a bit longer. Occasionally, Mars will stay in a sign for months! Mars is an energy planet, and is associated with our ego. The energy of Mars maintains our will to live, and our drive to attain what we want. It's associated with ambition, sexuality, and aggression. (Traditionally, of course, Mars is the ruler of war.) In about a week, Mars is going to enter Leo where it will stay until June of next year. (Whaaat?) This is most unusual! The last time Mars had a lengthy stay in Leo was 15 years ago in 1994-95. This is definitely going to hype different areas of our lives (according to your sign). It will really make the Fire signs -- Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius -- very powerful. Oh well, yes, power corrupts, but absolute power is kinda neat.

/slaps forehead
God help us all...

I'll just continue my posting today... I have a sense of achievement woot woot! The house is C-L-E-A-N, people... CLEAN I tell you ! Truthfully since we moved in this March I don't believe I have had it in this condition =) I even unpacked those last 2 defiant boxes I tucked away in the bsmt and put those things in their places. All is glistening, all is good... Didn't quite do it all, of course. I'm not that good... I didn't get the bsmt swept up, the bdrm completely finished (helloooo I'm just going to sleep in the bed and mess it up anyways!) or outside things since it was raining. But it's a 98% completion rate and that is STILL an A plus in my books.

Haven't posted about the weight; not because I fell of the wagon- nope, I'm still going strong. I think I've actually learned (*gasp!*) what to eat, what not to eat, what a PORTION IS... and it's just second nature now to consume what I need, as opposed to what I want (or out of boredom or emotional reasons). Certainly I could work out more, I've dropped off there which I think is partly some real life things going on taking my attention away. Also why the weight loss is slowing of course. The weather changing does NOT help. But I'm going to try later in the week to get to the gym and pump some iron, do some cardio. Maybe go for a swim, too. All said and done as of today I am minus 37 pounds (*applause*) Once or twice in the past week I got that one pound further but it just won't hold there. It's okay; i'm not sweating anything. I know the slower it comes off the better. The important thing is that in the 87 days I've been working on this I see some great results, so do others, and I've LEARNED to eat better. That's the whole idea- changing the destructive behaviour.

Got a visit tomorrow with Mom who's travelling out this way for a few days! Hence the frantic house cleaning =) I think it should meet with her approval. Be nice to spend a couple days together - last time we were together was New Year's so I'm looking forward to this. We have a nice dinner planned, and five bucks says I am fussing as much as she is about the whole trip lol. So true- the older we get the MORE WE'RE LIKE OUR MOTHERS !!!! =)

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