Saturday, October 10

Gee, that looks like a spade

Calling a spade a spade today. Or perhaps I should say seeing things for what they really are. No harm in this- in fact, recognizing what something is instead of perhaps what you wish it to be (or thought it was) is a good thing. Maybe something to do with Mercury wandering into Libra in the last 24 hours, although today Mercury is squaring Pluto (meaning at 90 degrees, or causing friction). We could expect "deep concentration, penetrating logic, uncovering what's hidden, revealing secrets. Words exchanged may cut deeply. Also Libra-Sun and Jupiter are trine (this is good), offering hope or opportunities despite what may be uncovered today. Mercury and Pluto were previously linked in the same manner on August 25 & 26. Perhaps, a resolution to events/issues from that period will be in store today."
Yesterday for instance I found out sadly that I AM on the hook for the $1500 bill for the condo flood repairs from last year, despite my repeated, insistent arguments to the contrary. However the company is open to allowing me to make payments to them which I am thankful for, seeing as this is how it has to be. Sucks though; that's a big bill and I worked so, so hard on fighting it. Evidently I should have submitted some documentation about a year ago that may have changed the outcome. I guess the silver lining is this will be a write off next yr when I submit for taxes since I paid for upgrades to the rental unit, so let's look at it that way =)
Otherwise I've been looking up with some curiosity what life coaching is. Just who is a life coach? What credentials must they have? Who would invest in this (as opposed to using a psychiatrist, psychologist, counsellor, or talking to coworkers, peers and their social circle)? It's rather a recent phenomenon, this "coaching" business- sort of blossoming over the past decade or so. The word itself has sort of been reinvented in the PC movement, as many terms we previously used have been. You know how it is; you're not so much FAT as you may be gravitationally challenged. Or not so much a panhandler as you may be an unaffiliated applicant for private sector funding. =) Seriously though, there are so many types of coaches- career or business coaches (mentorship, leadership.. ps is this now another name for Manager?!), life coaches, fitness & weight loss coaches, dating & relationship coaches, conflict and mediation coaches, grief and loss... I can see the merits of many of these specific areas of "coaching" but am curious honestly WHAT makes coaching so different than other existing traditional professions, other accreditations and degrees? AND just who uses a coach and why when these other professions exist? Do tell, I am curious to know.... Personally were I to need direction myself I would contact my benefits administrator (looks at self), go through my workplace benefits and make use of a counsellor. It's a paid for benefit and I would like to think that many benefits plans make this option available to them. Maybe my workplace is special.
Arguably if I were to need business direction, or assistance starting up a new company I may contemplate contacting a career coach or business advisor (probably after researching, investigating, reading books, joining an investment club, seeking professional opinions and talking to people already in that industry). And truth be told I have hired a personal trainer before (which you could label a fitness coach) when I wanted personal direction at the gym years ago. Can't say I would use the dating coach or any of the other above listed niche market coaching options. Again- all covered using certified counsellors or psychologists, and investing in self care, self development and self awareness programs.
Interesting, nonetheless -and very specific, tailored to the needs of the client. Some clients I am sure need more one on one, customized assistance where they can pick up the phone and contact their coach when they need it (?) I think I need to understand this a bit more. Do tell people, do tell ..


~n~ said...

i *think* the difference is that there's probably less stigma attached with having a coach as opposed to going for "therapy". i *think* that people might use a coach for things like... well, a business coach might be able to help you climb up the corporate ladder... put a plan in place. these are people that specialize in helping others in the business sector. a counsellor, while trained in listening skills, may not be very adept or skillful at helping a client who wants to climb the corporate ladder make and execute an effective plan. i had heard that executives in multi-level-marketing businesses use business coaches quite often. and here i've only touched on business coaches. yep, definitely there's niche markets there with coaching... raw food coaching being just one. would you go to a psychologist to find out specifically how to make dietary choices? maybe not the best person to ask... but someone who has walked the path already might be able to offer some guidance and wisdom and support.


holymotherofgod said...

Hmm, I hear you. I looked up a local coach and her prices are very affordable at about 160 bucks per 3 hour sessions. I guess I find it interesting that she offers, for 60 bucks, a 2 hour session to help you "make a major life decision" I just find that amazing. I tell people what to do for way, WAY less =)
But sure I can see the merits of coaching; like I said I used a personal trainer aka "fitness coach". Perhaps if I knew someone who'd used a "life coach" I'd be more inclined to explore it (?) or could see why people would opt for that instead of a counsellor.
Funny, I always listened to people who would NOT go to therapy/ counsellors because "they don't need it" or if they went it would "mean they have real problems". People who feel they should have all the answers themselves. Most of the time I feel that way as well- I'm pretty self directed and will do my best to help myself before turning to a professional for help or direction. Interesting options if you wanted specific, tailored help in a measurable program made FOR YOU to further yourself in any direction. Seriously I am curious who has used one and what they got out of it.