Friday, October 9

I'm such a sucker for talent shows and just watching in awe these amazing, amazing people. People with dreams. Ordinary people with amazing gifts. People we should celebrate. People who are fine representatives of the human spirit. If only each and every one of us would find inside of us what we are gifted with and show it willingly, with pride.

I'll begin with the youngest and work my way up:

6-year old Emily Bear playing piano at the white house

Elizabeth Barrett
reading at 17 months old

Natalie Okri
age 10, wants to be a diva like Beyonce, thank you very much.

Shaheen, Welsh singer

Greg Pritchard a hotel waiter with a hidden talent.

Shaun Smith
, I know I know I know I know this guy's good

, the librarian- sad and funny at the same time

, the mobile phone salesman- and opera singer

And lastly- Dream a Dream, so says Susan Boyle

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~n~ said...

dang it all; i'll have to wait 'til i'm on wireless in town to watch these. i really wanted to see them, too.... RIGHT NOW!!!!