Monday, September 14

Yeah, so a little under the weather since about oh, Thursday last week. Needing some chicken soup therapy I think. Dragging my ass, ZERO energy (which is not like me at all), belly problems, the whole shabang. Slept last night for 13 hours solid. Literally got home and into bed, asleep by 7pm. Weird... Needless to say no gym, no walks, eating well check check but not so much with the activity. Weight staying steady at minus 32 pounds. (I hit minus 34 pounds last Tuesday but it didn't stick lol) Still on target for the Big Goal of minus 50-60 by Xmas which I am positive I will attain.

The condo claim that I wrote about last may be getting somewhere, I hope. The Ombudsman wrote me back today and said who can I contact for you, so I told him where to go (in a nice way). Hoping he can make some headway.

Reading my cards a lot lately and getting SO MANY MULTIPLES. Today I pulled three Ones (one of pentacles, one of wands, one of cups) and I swear two of everything else- there were two 9s, two 10s, two 7s, holymother... Almost daily I get the 9 of cups. That smug fat man, grinning back at me like he knows something I don't. Jerk! I honestly have so many things going on (I know, gasp, so unlike me ~NOT!) that it's hard to interpret what they're talking about. And admittedly I don't have the capacity with how I'm feeling to "listen" to them, not that this is my forte anyways. I feel like I can read better for other people than myself.

Anyhoo must rest some more before work, I feel like I need more time in bed, sadly. ttys

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