Tuesday, September 15

Feeling much better today ...
I started getting my Self back yesterday afternoon. My normal rowdiness started to return, my inside voice turned on and my Happy Self came out. Ahhh!

So today let's turn a page and start to invite some Good in. You might want to play this little game here yonder. Clickie on the picture for information. I've been playing this Prosperity game for the past year (and actually played a few yrs ago for a bit also but this time I REALLY focused on it, since reading LOA books and "getting" the Big Picture) I so love getting cheques every day online for $95,000 and more and then SPENDING them, telling the Universe where you are going with this money and what you are doing in your state of sudden prosperity. You cannot argue with this! Seriously, check it out.

Anyways since I'm feeling better I best be getting out there and spreading my vitality around. People dig that =) Ciao for now!

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Debbi said...

Yay for good days!

Hugs and love to you, HMOG! xoxo