Thursday, September 17

Been thinking a lot about this photo I have (that I'm not going to look for at this particular moment) of the Pacific Ocean. I took it while on a BC Ferry ride on a clear, beautiful sunny day and the water was like a mirror. It was like Buttah! (Talk amongst yaselves, I'm all veclept at the thought.)

Anyhoo, so's I see this photo of footprints and I thinks to myself I oughta post and make my little footprints on the internets this evening. (And no I'm not going to insert the footprints poem that is so overdone on motivational posters it makes me not like it...
*sticks out tongue*)

However I will take
a moment to soapbox. Or at least poke your brain. What about the whole thought of leaving YOUR footprint? What if I were to ask you what legacy will you leave? How do you affect others? Are you a positive influence? Again- back to my post a long while back about family lineage- this fascinates me, the thought that someone may look ME up in say- a hundred years. Some family member way down the line, and ask just who was she? What did she do? What made her tick? I know, such a nerd thinking about things like that - but truly it could likely happen. Hopefully my online trail will have long disappeared by then... =) I better check if my cookies are turned on or off...!!!!

Actually on a serious astrological note this is probably a good time to reflect on what's working for us and what's not so much, what with it being a new moon and all (I think officially tomorrow). Let me read you what that link says that stands out to me :

This New Moon asks us to see what we've got, right here and right now. And to drop whatever we're carrying that is hurting us. It's a pathway that requires us to discern which pieces we should leave by the wayside, and which are essential parts of who we are. But we are never alone, and can ask for spirit to show us the difference.

There's an aspect of surrender both to Virgo, and to New Moons. That makes this a special time to release and rest your weary bones in the lunar darkness, and emerge brand new on the other side. It's a kind of "last chance" Moon, before we're swept up in the cardinality coming our way through 2010. This is our time to prepare, before being swept up in cosmic events greater than ourselves. You may sense it's coming. So let this New Moon work its mutable magic, so the pieces fall into their right place.

Another site says it this way:

This New Moon in Virgo will help us to recognize, honor, and preserve personal and family traditions in order to bring comfort into our lives and maintain a firm base for future growth. It will help us to discover the importance in remembering where we come from, which will give us a deeper sense of who we are now and how we wish to develop in the future. Being self-aware will make us stronger, less vulnerable, and protect us from destabilizing, external influences in our lives.

So good time to contemplate our Selves and our paths. Food for thought =)

I love the slogan of this blog- "EVOLVE ON PURPOSE, LOVE YOUR DESIGN".


~n~ said...

ahhhhh self-awareness. LOVVVVVVVE self-awareness. *bliss* gonna love the new moon, too!! :)

Word yourself, sista. LOL

Kim Gould said...

Hi there, it's gotta be a wonderful blessing to have a good word from the Holy Mother of God. Have a great Virgo New Moon.

love Kim
Evolve on Purpose - Love Your Design (glad you like it!)