Friday, September 18

I'm going to call this picture FOOP (it's by an artist named Deerhoof, which is apparently also a band. Dunno- just thought this artwork that I randomly found was kind of interesting). What initially drew me to it is that it has the words FRIEND, OPPORTUNITY, and FOOD. Actually if I continue to unscramble words (which I have a habit of doing) I can find OUTPOUR, YOU, FIND, FOUND, PROUD and several other good words in there.

Opportunity and loss, that's what I want to talk about today. So many times we see loss and change as bad or hard, frustrating or aggravating. Change and loss is actually an opportunity to have things improve; for things to move into a new direction. Some people find themselves and their passion in times of loss or choose a new path entirely. When something hasn't necessarily been working sometimes you need to accept that it was ineffective and move towards new opportunity. And there are SO many things out there to explore, so many options, so much abundance to choose from.

I think for me my biggest issue is I want to do too many things, all at once usually (*grins* Hello Overachievers Anonymous? Yes it's me, the President of your club....) My interests are so varied, too. I think I'll draw it all out and stare at it all on paper- often you can find what thing you are most passionate about if you do that.

I dig so many things- from tarot and astrology to art, writing, marketing, public speaking, talking (lol), real estate and talking about investing options, I could make a really long list. And how about coaching? What is it all about? (Or maybe what ISN'T it about?) Coaching comes in all forms- health coach, life coach, business coach, mentorship, yada yada yada. I honestly can't believe that people would pay me to tell them what to do... (Wait- do I do that now?! lol) Let's brainstorm a way to bring all my interests together : Tony Robbins?! Ha! I could be the next Banana Hands! Yessssss!! I HAVE A PLAN !!!!!!


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~n~ said...

remind me never to play scrabble with you again. good grief, between you & darren i don't stand a chance. LOL

yep, loss is definitely opportunity openin' another door. sometimes attachment to what WAS gets in the way of what COULD BE or even what IS. time to just let go, eh.

kids did some brainstorming work on "who am i" kinda stuff. made a brainmap kinda thing at or either program of which has a free trial download which you'd dig. 'cuz i know you're into vision boards 'n' the like.

i've been reading a book called Raw Emotions and i'm at the visioning part so spent 2 hrs tonight working through it... you'd be so into that too...

finding passion sometimes requires us to ceate meaningful work for ourselves, outside the box of what already exists in any one area of our interests. it'd be interesting to see you use tarot readings in conjunction with life coaching and real estate/marketing/investing. LOL