Saturday, September 12

I don't know what makes it happen- maybe it was the fact I was born breach, so I'm eager to offend others- but I have this NEED to take on challenges and fight for things that I really believe in. Could be the whole Aries thing, could be that my name apparently means little womanly warrior (*giggles*) I dunno. But seriously, don't piss me off or I'll .. I'll get mad.. and stuff.

So since this stupid flood in my condo I've had to ARGUE and ARGUE about why the eff should I have to pay for the contractors fixing my cabinets or repairing my kitchen. (Do we not pay insurance to do this?! What are we paying for then??) The contractor has been billing me, literally since February, for the cabinets and I REFUSE TO PAY IT. Especially since I found out that another unit owner received a couple thousand dollars in financial compensation for her unit's kitchen repairs and cabinet replacement costs, and so I hit the brakes hard. (And get this, she didn't submit any invoices or bills to them, they just paid her a cheque out of the blue for a sum she said they must have just made up...) So I promptly called up the insurance company who confirmed why yes, each unit was allotted 2 grand for cabinets (which is peanuts, by the way). My cabinets (which were cheap ones) cost $2485 total. Now tell me this - then WHY would the contractor bill me $1506 for kitchen repairs -slash- cabinetry replacement costs if they received 2 grand for cabinets that cost $2485?? Excuuuuuuuuuse me, but I am not THAT bad at math that this does not make sense. Hellooooooooooo. So's I keep contacting the insurance company, saying hey, what up. And they ignore me. So I email them some more. And they ignore me. So after 8 weeks of waiting for them to respond (which I'm sorry but that is a generous amt of time) I have forwarded my complaints to their Ombudsman, who I hope WILL contact me, and WILL see things my way. Meanwhile I've requested a copy of the insurance coverage from my condo board so for my own future reference, I may REFER to in case something like this ever happens AGAIN (god forbid).


Mmmmmkay, so in less hostile moments, I am being less Aries-like and more Virgo-esque. =) I have been cleaning, organizing, purging, painting, mending and even sewing buttons on pants. Oh I know, sewing you say? Domestication?! Oh yes- I know, it is "not normal" for me to do these things. Swinging hammers and sawing into walls, sure! Oh yes, I will power tool challenge any of you any day. However I am finding a sense of newness to things once they are "fixed" and usable again. Of course I did totally wreck one pair of pants because I went a step too far and tried to make a button hole by hand which I don't suggest you try at home. It looks like a round hole, with like, threads around it.... in some places. Ah well, I'm better at angry letter writing than sewing up holes. Sew what !?


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