Thursday, September 10

Gah! Google changed the font size, what the eff! Seriously, I am not so old that I NEED TO READ LARGER FONT FOR EFFS SAKE. Let me choose the damn font size! ARGH! Apparently not everyone is experiencing this. Lucky those that are not- I would like to be one of you! My eyeballs see QUITE fine on their own, thanks Google, so piss off with ENLARGING EVERYTHING SO I CAN SEE IT... *grimaces* Dude i feel like every time I search something it's some sort of TEST.... *GROWLS* !!! Google like totally pwnd us. Lame.

Anyhoo now that that is off my chest I will pick a more happy subject =) Let me think, what have I to select from, hmmm...!! JK, there is oodles to celebrate. Like my weight loss, my new haircut, the fact summer just arrived here last week, the word nublet because I love it... sure, loads of things !... yeah, lots. Oh, fer sure. Soooo many. Tooo many to list. Better stop while I'm ahead here afore I get too gushy about allllll this good. Whew! I'm all overwhelmed.... all a-flutter.... vaclempt even. So I will leave you with some facts about Sean Connery. Why the hell not. He's such a good Scot.



Susanne Iles said...

Weird...your fonts look fine from this end of things. I noticed on my blog the comments have changed to huge-unchangeable-i-didn't-ask-for-this format. If I find the tweak I'll send it to you.

~n~ said...

oooh ooooh don't forget to add to your list of happy subjects that your mother is coming to visit next month, too! LOL

holymotherofgod said...

Ah, it's just on the google search page Sue, doesn't seem to be anywhere else I travel online. Just when I go to look things up =) But hey if you find the tweak do tell!!!
...and yes silly sister I am sooo excited to be hosting next month! (No for real, this should be good muhawhawhaw!!)