Sunday, September 6

It's time for..


Yes, today is Day Sixty (since I began eating properly and working out). Sixty Days! Ah ha ha ha ha ha! Let me count de nombers on de scale, and we vill see just how we do... One! One pound ah ha ha ha! (Okay let's skip ahead...) ...twenty nine ah ha ha ha! Ah!Thirty! Ah ha ha ha!! THIRTY ONE POUNDS! Yes! Yes, we did it by Day Sixty! The official results this morning. Back to my Dec 2006 weight...

Happy Labour Day everyone....I'm going to spend mine cleaning, organizing (taking that Virgo energy and running with it) and walking because it is a BEE-YOO-tiful day. Enjoy, go have a picnic!!


~n~ said...

congratulations! your hard work is paying off! :)

adala loves the sesame street pic (& we both like your new profile pic!).

a very happy labour day to YOU!!

Aleesha said...

Ohhhhh ya baby!!! Way to go!!!