Saturday, September 5

So just when is next Tuesday?!

Private joke.

(I'll explain it vaguely in this post, at least so you get the drift...)

I just need to know when Tuesday is. Or maybe what month it falls in, or what year?!!

I guess what made me think about Tuesday is that for someone I know, "TUESDAY" is THE DAY that something BIG will happen. Life changing. And they believe in the coming of this event- on some upcoming Tuesday- faithfully, completely, unwaveringly, that it *WILL* indeed happen. And having posted yesterday about the law of attraction, and belief, and creating - slash- inviting things into your life perhaps I should not be so quick to write off Tuesday happening because hey- you never know. Tuesday could be right around the corner.

So what if Tuesday did happen? What if I allowed myself to believe in my own *big* dreams, or really- just allowed myself to believe? There's no harm in doing so, right?! I should get on the wagon along with them and add to the power of their intentions. Who knows, Tuesday may come. It may actually exist!

In my own daily manifestations (!) I am down a trifle more, here on Day 58, to minus 29 pounds. I hope on Day 60 (Monday, and Labour Day, ironically lol... after all, this has been a lot of work!!!) to have hit the 30 pound mark. My ultimate goal is to drop another 30 by Xmas (about 13 more weeks), which would take me to a weight I haven't been at since I was in my early twenties. Today I haven't weighed this amount in about two and a half years. Last year the lowest I got to was about 3 pounds more than now- so not drastically different, but seeing those numbers on the scale is a psycholigical accomplishment. Getting into the 160s means I'm that much closer to getting back to the 150s, the 140s, and even the 130s. Becoming healthy, fit, lean and strong.

The biggest obstacle isn't the daily grind of exercising and eating properly. It's undoing the BRAIN. It's believing I can do it. It's KNOWING I can. It's recognizing that my Tuesday is right there - just a matter of time, dedication and belief.

Yep- I can tell. It's almost Tuesday =)


fickleinpink said...

when you believe, everything is possible!

Greyscale Territory said...

The will of the mind can only be bettered by the power of the soul! Congrats on your achievement!