Friday, September 4

Fast post before I literally wander off down the street...

Must be payday and a Full Moon- I diligently paid all my bills up today and reviewed my budget for the month. I should be good if I just follow the schedule I made.

My challenge is overcoming the influx of bills I received last month. 300 bucks for water services, 600 bucks for hydro at all 3 properties, and we got busted for speeding- both of us. Goddammit. I would GLADLY pay property taxes if we were allowed to speed anywhere we wanted in the city- I think I should lobby for this. Charge me $2800 a year for property taxes, I just want to go 80 in the 50 zones okay?! I see nothing wrong with this plan.

Having said all this I so need to return to reading about law of attraction and manifestating what i want, as opposed to focusing on what money is hemorraging from my pockets. Which just makes larger holes in them. It does not help inviting more bills !!!! Seriously....!

Anyways I'll contemplate that while I walk down to the gym. Down 28 pounds today woot woot so I best continue what is working and focus on fat loss lol !! I'd like to hit leaner numbers this month because I have a "bigger goal" of returning to my "proper size" by Xmas. There's nothing standing in my way, I am completely capable of being a strong, healthy and lean Being. Amen !!

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