Monday, August 10

Month Number One is over. First 30 days eating properly and working out paid off to the tune of eighteen pounds. Not a bad start. A few lessons learned about the value of stretching and doing abs. I've added this in to my last few workouts and I'll investigate flexibility training a little more. I'd actually really like to get a Beginner's Yoga dvd to try at home, if anyone has any recommendations for that (?) I was very encouraged yesterday to put on my clothes from last summer which all fit and are 2- 4 sizes smaller. Despite some muffin top in a few pants I was so, SO encouraged at least to put them on and button them up WITHOUT sucking anything in or feeling like I was going to rip something. VERY encouraging. Even some of my old dresses I fit into; once my arms are leaner and more toned (okay, ALL of me is) they'll look really good. I'm so encouraged.

Made myself a new inspiration board this weekend. I took down the old one and recognized many of the goals I had listed I achieved! I had written down that I wanted a successful close to my insurance claim for the flood of my condo- DONE. I got every penny I asked for with no hassle. Buy a duplex. Done. Rent out duplex and condo- done. Last few goals regarding refinancing and dissolving debts I transferred to my new board and I peppered the board with images of strength, physical activity and physical transformation. Hence my Strength of Purpose card today- this is my focus. Strength to see things through, strength to physically transform, strength mentally and physically. I so love visual forms of inspiration. That's why I work so much with inspiration boards, tarot and affirmation cards - I can SEE things I need to understand or work on.

I am HORRIBLE with any form of audible information - I don't listen well, I forget immediately what you told me, my ears simply are non functional. They wear earrings and look pretty on my head. They don't listen so much... I READ. I SEE. I DRAW, I PAINT, I doodle and write. I email religiously. I need people to give me FLASH CARDS through life in order to GET THINGS lol !! I've tried informational CDs before to listen to and omg I start day dreaming immediately. I couldn't tell you a damn thing they said. I always hoped that somewhere in my subconscious I was picking up the information because I totally drift off while I listen... On the other hand maybe I can make this work. Hmmm, I wonder if i can ask my mortgage broker to draw out a picture of what our refinance will look like and email it to me =)

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Deanna said...

Holymotherofgod! Congrats on the weight loss!

If you are new to yoga, I highly recommend finding a good instructor and taking a class. I've been practising yoga for the past year with an excellent instructor and with yoga it's really the subtle things that make a big difference (hand placement, outward rotation of your thighs, breathing, etc) After a year, she still occasionally corrects my shoulders, hand and feet placement.

A good place to get info and some video online is They have a really nice 20 min morning routine that I do just about everyday.