Thursday, July 30

Not so much with the blogging lately. My bad! I've been trying to work on some other things, like working out and refinancing options.

First workout at the pool on Tuesday was AWESOME. I went to the pool, and man, I miss the smell of chlorine and the echoes of screaming, laughing, splashing children lol. It's SO NICE to work out then go for a swim. Deliciously refreshing. I managed to do 40 cardio and some free weights afterwards, which I'm going to do again this morning. Cheap like borscht to go, too- only $100 for 3 months membership which is cheaper than the gyms here. And they don't have pools.

Refinancing and subdividing the duplex is the time consuming obstacle, which apparently all requires PATIENCE, and we all know this is NOT my forte. Taking a bit of hoop jumping and red tape, but we'll get there eventually.

Anyways off to the gym and swim; have a great day =)

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