Wednesday, July 22

Not visible from our hemisphere, the eclipse last night was seen in China and other parts of Asia as well as Hawaii.
Apparently the longest eclipse of this century at six minutes in duration. It is also
the second of three eclipses to occur within a month. The other two eclipses were lunar eclipses, one of which took place on July 7, 2009, and the other of which will occur August 6, 2009. According to Eclipse Astrology, "[the eclipse] suggests that old methods and technology is no longer working and that new systems are required to keep our society up to standards and to continue its survival. This Saros Series Eclipse happened in 1955, 1973 and 1991. Think about how you handled your life in those years and what solutions worked for you. You may try to work out your problems with the same drive and ambition you had back in those years. This is a South Node eclipse. It brings out issues with partnerships, friendships and marriages that must be resolved. When this eclipse hits your planets or angles at 29 degrees of Cancer in your astrology chart, you may realize that you have been handling other people’s problems well enough, but you have ignored your own life. In order for you to resurrect your life to a high standard, you may walk away from destructive relationships and situations in order to take care of yourself. 29 degrees of Cancer is the “Millionaire’s Degree.” This eclipse will affect monetary systems throughout the world. Remember during eclipse season, health matters come to the surface to be dealt with."


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Debbi said...

that may explain my fight with Will last night. I'm soooo blaming the moon for that one, and NOT me.