Wednesday, August 12

I have discovered OATMEAL!

I remember when I was a kid I frickin HATED the stuff. It was gooey, gross, pasty. Omg- I hated it. I figured I did something wrong to deserve that for breakfast, LOL!

Today? I have discovered it can be very good food. I don't like mine overcooked; in fact, 2 minutes does it for me. But omg the varieties you can make ! So far I've done cinnamon, brown sugar splenda and raisins. I've done freeze dried strawberries in it with cinnamon. I've done a tiny bit of egg white in it (...that was sick. I don't care what body builders say, that is disgusting. Don't do that one!) Great thing about oatmeal is it's protein content (which is I think 7 grams per cup?) And at 1/3 of a cup for breakfast, it's only about 125-150 calories, too. That makes a good quick, low calorie start to the day. I've been doing my best to stick around 5 small meals of 250-300 calories (ish) which is working pretty well. Keeps me satisfied (and eating!) all day long. Mmm, eating.

I think my next venture may be trying to get more variety into my diet. I've been making a conscious effort to get more greens in there. Spinach, broccoli, asparagus seem to be staples lately. Chicken is starting to make me snore already, so I've been introducing shrimp, tuna and crab in it's place. Loving the 40 calorie low fat yogurts and hot peppers stuffed with feta (only 25 calories each)

Speaking of heat we finally have some here. 34 degrees today FINALLY. Watching the news this morning, they were interviewing some local moms who agree it has been a long wait to get the kids outside for a good time in the summer sun. All I can say is this BETTER be an indian summer that lasts well into what should be fall. My first winter here (2007) that's exactly what we had. I recall November being easily around 15 degrees every day and sunny. I was sooo pleased. I couldn't imagine why people complained about Winnipeg winters! But I just HAD to ask.... My answer came this year. Winter 2008 started way early with snow in October and lasted until MAY this year with snow May 25th. That was not cool. NOT COOL AT ALL. So summer coming late is well overdue and best be continuing for the next 3 months !!! I will do my best to ENJOY my day off today in the summer sun.

Off to the races !!

Oh and PS... I was starting to think I lost my touch. I've been finding loads of 4 leaf clovers lately. I have four of them under a piece of glass drying as we speak, and gave 3 away to coworkers, wishing them luck. Hopefully someone capitalizes on it !! L8R

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~n~ said...

I have (arguably) the world's most delicious oatmeal recipe in my possession. Try this one day:

1c rolled or steel-cut oats
2 1/2c water
1c orange juice, fresh squeezed
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp nutmeg
pinch of sea salt

Cook over not-quite-medium heat; stir fairly constantly. It takes MAYBE 10 minutes to thicken admirably. Let it sit with the lid on for a few minutes afterwards.

Stir and garnish with 6Tbsp sucanut/maple syrup/agave nectar and dried cranberries, and 6tbsp of chopped nuts or 1 tbsp of flax oil or ground flax seeds.

**If** you decide to use whole oat groats, put everything in saucepan , cover and bring to boil. Reduce heat to low and cook for 50 to 60 mins. Remove from heat and let sit, covered, for 5 mins. Stir in the sweetener and top with nuts.