Monday, August 17

I watched X Weighted last night- I think it was "Amy" who was on. I so love that show. She's the same height as me, was about 30 pounds heavier than my top weight but lost 50 pounds in 6 months. I wonder where she is now.

I'm plugging away, scale wobbling between -21 and -23 pounds from the start on July 9. Enjoyed my first "cheat day" yesterday, diving face first into a pile of dim sum. =) I feel pretty good about rewarding myself for losing that much. I wasn't guilty about it although I did punish myself today.

Yup. Worked hard at the gym this AM, 45 minutes of strong heart thumping cardio to combat the damage yesterday. Today's diet will be chicken and spinach, lean lean and more lean.

Raining here daily. Makes it hard to get motivated- last week I managed only 3 workouts and find myself tired and mopey. Hopefully we'll get more sun before fall and winter get here (all at once usually she now says knowingly.) Oy but the soggy stuff continues.

While I was working out I was contemplating this here Year of the Ox. Oxen are hard working people (*ahem* moi) but omg what a hard, hard year this has been and continues to be. It is a work hard year. It says it is a work of prosperity brought on by hard work. I feel like all year I've been tilling fields, and ploughing through to get planting so I can have a healthy crop. Sadly I see not the prosperity yet ! I see more ploughing. Ugh. When, when does the plan drop the supplies ?!?! When do we receive food and reinforcements! Holymother...

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