Sunday, July 12

Sliced cucumber and onion salt. For serious- try it and you'll be hooked. Dunno what it is about the combination but omg. I'm eating it while I'm posting =P

(Oh, and BTW, I'm going to warn you right now, this post is going to be random thoughts. This is what happens when I don't post regularly- I get all those things I was going to say a day at a time ALL AT ONCE!!)

Working on some art right now- this is the start. I can totally see what I need to correct but the good news is after not picking up a pencil for a few yrs it still comes back, which is very encouraging. The oil painting I did the other day for some reason just does not translate on my cell phone camera. Honestly, if you stand about 10 feet back from it, it really does look much better than that photo. But it also needs some touches to it to blend it better and make it look more "watery". It's supposed to look like either a drain or a drop of water in a puddle or pond, depending on your viewpoint. The last time I painted oils was 3 yrs ago, and that work turned out okay.

On the vacay this week- just eleven days but a nice break mid-summer. Not much planned; a little work, a little play. Cleaning out things in boxes that have been sitting there for months. I put some stuff on Kijiji today which is REALLY contagious. The minute I put something on there for sale I swear I feel like digging through the rest of the house to see what the hell else could go! Unfortunately a lot of my "stuff' is books and I wrestle with keeping them or selling them. A lot of them are old, clothbound collectibles that are really a novelty to own. But how to display them? How do you show other people how cool they are?! *sigh* I think the ones that are "less valuable" to me I will part with. No sense dragging things around with me if I move again.

One thing I *purchased* this week is a new (to me) fridge. Stainless steel, top fridge, bottom freezer, 2 yr warranty. Lookin' forward to it being delivered next week. Our old one is going next door to the tenants. Be nice to not bend down or kneel and pray to the powers of the fridge every day in order to find that stray grapefruit that's rolled down at the back of the bottom shelf. Oy, I hate that.

Well, I think today I'm going to repot some plants on the front deck. I'm off- see ya'll next time!


Susanne Iles said...

I just hopped over to read your blog as I've been rather busy lately. What a mistake! It is twelve-oh-one in the morning and you've got me craving cucumbers with onion salt...sounds delicious! (just kidding about the mistake part, it's never a mistake to hop over to your neck of the woods...your posts always give me a lift.. :) )

~n~ said...

i can see how cucumber & onion salt would be delish.

i'll check out your pics when i'm @ the library on high-speed. dial-up sucks that way.

sounds like you'll have a lovely Staycation, as brent butt off corner gas coined a few yrs ago. (you oughta be impressed that i can quote ANYTHING from tv, being that we don't have cable, LOL)

must go; the puppy is unusually quiet.
hope it's sunny out there - cloudy and around 18 here today.


Debbi said...

I love my topmount fridge!! Best thing ever!

And cucumbers and salt is sooo good. Making me crave a bit of that even now!

haha, word verification:
Manglu... The thoughts in my head on this one I'm not even gonna say! lol