Wednesday, July 8

Quick post today just to update my blog at least into the month of July!

Not much going on- I have vacation as of 6pm Friday (weee!!) just for eleven days. I started painting again and have 2 oil paintings on the wall drying. Every night I stare at them, retouch this or that, and sit and stare again! Got some plans for some pencil and conte drawings also which I'm looking fwd to working on on my holidays.

Outside of that this full moon passed with less trauma than I expected lol! Actually it's been a great week- work going well, life going well... ish, and working on things around the house.

Number one- keeping the house nice and clean. Number two- got some plumbing issues fixed which although small make SUCH a difference. My tub spout has a shower diverter on it and for MONTHS we were dealing with the shower diverter not working. Your feet got showered more than the rest of you and the shower head had no water pressure (since most of the water gushed out to tub spout). I bought a replacement spout thinking it would be an easy fix? Um, no. The last person who put the spout on TWISTED the spout so the little SCREW that undoes it off the pipe was who knows where... I didn't want to bust it off, so I had a plumber do it. Now? WONDERFUL. Nice, quiet, soft shower with good pressure and no water gushing out loudly at your feet. Amazing what small things can do for you.

I'll post photos of my art projects once they're complete. Adios, amigos! Off to the races I go!


Debbi said...

welcome to July!

You seem really content in this post! Yay for sunshine and vacations, hey!?

~n~ said...

i'm so glad you're creating art again. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!

and yes, little things like that make a BIGGGGGGGG difference. i wish someone (ahem, no names) would fix the kitchen faucet. it wiggles horribly. i know it's on "the list"; in the meantime, i'm cultivating patience. :)

enjoy your vacation!!!