Monday, July 13

Had to take Mister Bob to the vets today; last weekend he had a bout of seizures that lasted about 4 days during which he tore a nail off. Oddly he didn't limp, or whine, or cry about it once in the last week. We just happened to wonder what that weird color was on his toe and when we looked, omg! Ewwww! That cannot be good! So off to the vets where he endured the insult to injury with a poke here and poke there and a shot in the ass at the end. Not impressed. Mister Hissy Face was full of grumbles and groans while we checked his itchy ear, his weepy eye and his bloody toe. Oh, were we miserable about it. Glad we went, though, because the infection could've gotten worse had we not noticed and his other little irritations may be big or no news depending on what his previous files show. Seriously though, he was pissed. Makes me wonder what he might do for revenge...

When we got home my instructions were to call up my old vet to get his files sent out here for review. So I googled her, and it looks like my old vet is quite the poop disturber.. LITERALLY! Guess you can't say a vet isn't dedicated to her job when she digs through waste bins for ... well for WASTE, I guess... !! Now that's the kind of dedication I like !

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