Monday, June 22

This is my great great grandmother and great great grandfather. These two had 5 kids before she passed away at age 37 here in Winnipeg. Their daughter was my great grandmother.

(Does anyone ever think about the lineage they are creating when they have a child!?? Just curious if that crosses other people's minds...A hundred years from now your choice to have 3 kids, and they have three kids each, and they... so on and so forth, could result in a hundred people. Holymother!)

Anyhoo, try to follow this: I met my great grandmother's brother's family line yesterday. How neato !! It was so nice of them to invite me in and welcome me so graciously. I really, really, really appreciated it.

Seriously, I love exploring this stuff especially since it was spoken about since I was little. What the "family look" was- the genetic markers, if you will. So fascinating.

I so appreciate feeling some sort of connection to where I now live, though. It MEANS something. I suppose if we were really to investigate any family tree you could theoretically find some sort of 6 degrees in any place you live if you looked hard enough -explored the branches of various family marriages etc. With the world getting "smaller" with the internet it's good, and I'd suggest almost important, that we do know who is who.

'Kay let's take that thought a step further because I always enjoy expanding on ideas lol... I've always been somewhat horrified (excuse my honesty) with the implications of sperm banks and our genetic pool. Mostly because (a) someone could theoretically father a small herd of children (which has happened), (b) regardless of whether those offspring are fathered in different cities or suburbs they *could* quite serendipitously cross paths at ANY point in life. I know there are SOME rules in place in SOME places that are in place to deter this from happening. But I have to wag my finger at what *could* happen.

Matches and fire, people. Matches and fire !!!


~n~ said...

very cool photo. tried explaining (in pictures) to dd who these people were. she wondered how they had computers back in the 1800s!!!!!! ROTFL too funny.

yes, your concerns with inbreeding are, i suppose, quite valid. one donor fathering 46 children?! LOL what about the show 18 kids & counting on TLC - all from one marriage. someone i know (who was adopted) found out her birth parents were 21 & 71 when she was born - just an old man who really digged younger chicks. go figure. look around enough and you'll find some crazy shit goin' on in this world. LMAO

email me the names of the people in the pic, will ya?

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Deanna said...

Holymotherofgod, that's a fairly striking resemblance between you and your great great grandmother! How cool that you have a picture of them.