Thursday, June 18

Amicable Day

Did you know it's Amicable Day?
It is.
I discovered it.
It's "Day That Everyone Gets Along And Enjoys Their Day". What a great day, bags of puke and all !! How much fun was that ! lol... (Long story, email me and I'll fill you in)
Seriously. Every day should be this good.
So I've been reading my own blog and why the hell isn't anyone mailing me anti depressants - seriously! I need some sorta pill to cure what ails me. Alls I do is bitch and moan, which although a relief and sometimes entertaining is a little stale...! Glad that I met someone recently though who seemed to appreciate my self depricating sense of humor and personal language. I felt vindicated [and relieved] to know that I do at times have a sense of humor! (That people GET, she quickly adds...) Nice to be heard, nice to be heard...!
Hopefully when people read this they GET that I have a sarcastic nature to my gnarliness. Of course I love dogs. I love that they eat their own vomit, and whatever else their bodies produce. I love laughing at them... I mean, I love them for that !! Yeeessss. =)
Anywhoodle I hope you all see today as Amicable Day. Seriously, I noticed so much comraderie today in all sorts of ways and places. Nice to see, nice to be part of, and nice to notice.
Mark your calendars going forward that June 18 is now Amicable Day =)

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Debbi said...

HAHA. C, you crack me up. None of us are mailing you anti-depressants because we're all too doped on our OWN drugs to see your blog as anything but humourous! Yes. You being completely suicidal and meloncholy is friken HILARIOUS! ;) Oooh look, shiny!