Wednesday, June 17

wednesday w's

Wednesday W's and Word Verifica.tion Wednesday!

Who: We
What: didn't get the puppy
Where: from the Humane Society
When: yesterday
Why: because I have some reservations... BUT, I am warming up to the idea.

I just dunno if NOW is the time to get a puppy and this particular one was sorta more than I can handle. I think if we can go when I start holidays in a few weeks THAT would be a better time. At least on vacation I'm there 24-7 to respond to it, teach it, take it for walks, as opposed to leaving him or her in a crate all day =( Aw, that wouldn't be fair.

Thank you for nice weather, Weather Gods !! Mmmm, finally warm sun on the face. If that doesn't boost your spirits I don't know what will. Outdoor activities here I come.. with or without a puppy !!!


Debbi said...

Aw, no puppy!? :( Still, enjoy your vacation!!!

Word Verification: candeade
Spanish accent for the first word of the TV show, Candid Camera.

Aleesha said...

I love how you act with your head instead of your heart in these situations cause a puppy is a huge responsibility. HUGE.

Huge love in return... but heck, you can give that love to the dogs at the pound on your days off and walk them, take to the park and throw a ball for them. You don't have to own one. :)

love ya,

word verification: able al - yup, you are able to do it all!