Tuesday, June 2


I was doing my banking this morning and I'm driving up a street, HAD to take a picture. Only 30 days ago the trees were BARREN. It was like Twig Town everywhere you went, very very very depressing. Today? Lately!? GREEN.... Green is good. Green is fantastic, actually. There may be hope yet !

That's why I love gardening so much; it's the symbolic act of GROWTH that's at the core of it. It's (ahem) ROOTED in everything that is (ahem) NATURAL to us. Growth is good. Growth is fantasic, actually. There may be hope yet !!

Moving to other green news I've been following what's happening economically with Big Companies like GM and Royal Bank which reported a horrifying $50 million loss a few days ago. GMC going under (offically yesterday) was " the third-largest in U.S. history and the largest ever in U.S. manufacturing." Wow. And worse yet- "In the wake of its widely anticipated bankruptcy filing, GMC stock - once considered a rock-solid blue chip - was being removed from the Dow Jones industrial average and delisted by the New York Stock Exchange." Oy. Yeah, always invest in those blue chip stocks... unless we're heading into a recession/ depression and all hell breaks loose. Watch out for that.

I've never so much been into stocks. To me you have to either be on it all the time yourself or have a broker you trust that constantly watches the values. I prefer bricks and mortar. I'd like to buy some gold since the Mint is right here, and there is a finite amount of it in the planet meaning it will always have value. I'd also like to get Universal Life, because it fascinates me that an investment and an insurance product can work together and are tax deferred. Who knew...

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