Monday, June 1

Feelin a little like this. Whatever this is. Actually I know what this is but I'd prefer not to get all psycho analytical on you. Meh. Nondescript. I think the one on the left is my favorite. I like the tilted head, I'm so listening to you pose.

So when will it actually get HOT and SUMMERY, I ask you. This whole crap with dipping to three and five degrees at night and maybe if we're lucky hitting a whopping twenty degrees is getting beyond irritating. It's truthfully annoying at this point which is why I'm writing in Angry Red. Someone yesterday said to me, don't you feel ripped off? I almost screamed an Allelujah. Can I get an AMEN!? Holymother, seriously, this is teh lamest, most unsettling, traumatizing, let-down everrrrrr. First we're insulted with seven months of winter including SNOW in MAY. This is not right. Then, throughout May and into the first 2 weeks of June and are we getting any reward for a shit winter? Oh noooo. Nope, we get miserable, mediocre reports from the meteorologist. Jerk. Give me some news that 30 plus degrees and full hot sun is coming and lasting until AUGUST. That *might* appease me...maybe. Check the weekly forecast here for Winnipeg and groan with me. Look at the lows. I'm seriously moving. No lie.

I actually started looking at condos in BC on the mls just to taunt myself into the idea of going home, because honestly can I deal with this for YEARS? I don't know if I want to, and hey, I have choices- I got options here, dudes. Be great to live just minutes to Harrison, or live in Penticton, or Kelowna, or Comox, or Langford... you know what I mean. That province is home to me, doesn't matter where. And it's nice that there are MULTIPLE CITIES to choose from. I probably have camped there, visited relatives there, HAVE relatives there or know someone there in any one of them guaranteed. Or, let's get crazy I mean we could move to the States, like Missoula Montana or Antioch California. I wonder what that takes to do- I guess a work visa and stuff.

It's so humorous when people here think it's sooo costly to live in BC. I mean let's do a side by side comparison ok? Lower personal income tax in BC? Check. Lower property taxes in BC? Check. Property prices comparable? Check those links there and tell me those aren't affordable condos. Better weather? Check check. More opportunity? Check. Hmmm. Looks like a long term goal here is in place. Westward Ho in like, a few years or something.

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Debbi said...

mmmmmmm BC.

That's all I have to say about that! ;)

And don't you dare move to the US. That's just blasphemy!