Thursday, May 28

Amazing how fast twelve days of vacation can go. How did that even happen, seriously. The first week I was off I confess I did NOTHING. And it was good =) I lounged around, watched tv, watched some more tv, diddled around online... okay, I managed to do some laundry and dishes, and I think I grocery shopped one day. Other than that, I did nada. Only in the last three days have I done any yard work.
And yard work I did.
I took out my trusty edger and edged the grass around the property which took a few good hours and several blisters to complete. Also edged the path and swept it REALLY hard to see the cracks and spots the weeds are popping up. Today I'm going to pour boiling water on the weeds to kill them... In a few weeks I'll rent a compressor and hose down the walkway as much as possible. I'm gonna fill the cracks with concrete and probably use one of those concrete sealer products to make it look all fresh and new. It's such a cheap-n-easy thing to do but it so completes the look...Well either that or I'll level it and put brick on top...
I still have to go get my
hoe from Sears that I ordered. I'm going to try it out; if it doesn't work their circle hoe looks really interesting. A girl has to have a good hoe these days =P
I used my musckles and heaved forty feet of various types of boulders to create a lovely rockwall... which now needs about 3 yards of soil heaved in there. Suprisingly my spine is completely good after that. I musta lifted properly =)
Hmmm, what else. Oh yeah, we tore apart our 6 x 8 (or 8 x 10?) Rubbermaid shed. I just hated where it was stuck in the yard. For some reason the previous owner slapped it in the middle of the backyard parking spots (?) Why, I dunno. It's lovely and all, very new- probably only a year or maybe two old. But stupid, stupid place to stick it. And honestly I'm humming and hawing whether I need one (?) We have so few things to store (same with our tenants) plus we already have storage space under the back deck. I might just Kijiji it.
And I guess I cleaned some windows. That's it.
All in three days lol... I must've saved up the energy from the week before I guess !!
And now that I'm all worn out I'm heading back to work. LOL ... hence the picture =)

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