Sunday, May 24

I hate the part where I feel stupid.

I thought I'd be smart yesterday and start investigating how to make my own website, with my own domain. I mean how hard can it be; I've blogged for a few years- I know basic (and I mean BASIC) HTML and stuff. I figured I could manage.
Lots of people do this, everyday!

Oh, no. Not so much. Not for me.

So I go get a domain and I register it, and I start feeling like I can do this. I at least know how to register domains. I've been looking at getting one for years, but just never have. I didn't 'get" why I should have an internet address that is "solely mine" as opposed to a "subsidiary" of Blogger. (Does it matter?) In fact actually I might register a few more each payday just to have some domains that I think might be worth something... or not lol...

Anyways I'm reading some online instructions and now I need to "upload files". I realize I need a WAY to get my files TO my site which means I need some sort of FTP uploader thingie. Well, whatever- I've been a fan of CNET or forever and I know I can find programs like that there. I download a program, install it and open it up.

OMG. What is this thing. My Star Trek antivirus program looks less intimidating (insert my nerd laugh here).

Okay, the instructions ...which include something something drag something here and there. Omg omg omg. Where?! Drag what? To who? For what purpose?! Omg. That feeling of angst is growing. This is where blogs are good because everything is turn key. But I just want to get this thing done, and once I figure ONE out I can do more. Oooooh... grrrr.... okay, okay, come on let's read this thing and figure it out.

Where was I. Something something upload... hmmm. Okay, so I try to open the files that I think need to go to my site. But I think I need the whole folder uploaded, it won't "drag", I don't even know where to drag it TO, and omg I'm getting really angry. I diddled around for a few hours, trying this, trying that and finally I said piss on it. Nevermind. I'll stick to ready made blogs that have everything BUILT IN and require no skill lol...

I think what I need to do is READ MORE about this before I get started. Probably why i never finished my degree, the whole LEARNING thing is a pain in the ass... =P

Anyways I found this online and maybe some of you Proud Parents may be interested:

2009 CuteKid of the Year
Submit your Toddlers photos
Free Membership and chance to Win

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