Friday, June 5

Geographically, personally, physically, socially, partly chosen and partly imposed.
And it's really hard to cope; harder than I thought it would be.
Not that this ongoing saga of horrible cold weather helps at all. If I see another frost warning like today at any point in June I'm seriously transferring back.
I give up.
I can't do this.
I can't live an indoor existence.
This is incredibly depressing.


Debbi said...

grrr. I hate that we are currently receiving snow.

trust me. I feel your pain!

~n~ said...

you've left me speechless.
LOL and we know how often THAT happens. LMAO
well, summer will come, you'll get out in the sunshine and your body will make some vitamin D and all will be well.

don't stay in winnipeg forever, though. the 10 month winters get to be a bit much, as you're finding out.

and anyone who denies the winters are that long need only speak to you on that one.

sending you sunshine from the west coast, 'cuz we've had LOTS of it lately...