Wednesday, May 13

I see where they get that saying, when it rains it pours. Apparently the prairies coined it. Every storm drain is plugged, every street is a lake, and many basements (yep, ours) have water yet again. And just to add to the bliss the temperatures are dropping like a rock tonight. It makes me angry. It makes me really, really angry. Like seven months of winter isn't enough of an insult. I feel like no matter how amazing of a summer is produced, it just will not be enough to make up for this stupidity. It simply can't. You could tell me starting tomorrow until Halloween there would be clear skies and 40 degree days and I'd say so freakin what. Doesn't make up for spring STARTING IN JUNE for gawds sake. There aren't even LEAVES ON THE TREES here people.
Ooookay. Got that out. So what's good right now... hmmm.
Wait! There's that.... nope, hang on.
Lemme think.
Oh! Oh! I know, it's the... there's was that one time when.. and then afterwards... shit.
I remember I had some Good before. Yno I swear it was just here. I wonder where I put it. My Goodness, where is it. I know what I need- Vitamin B. I knew I forgot something today =P ...Course I probly need it in bucket form...
Actually I do have some goods to list. Okay I have a lot of "goods"..
Two more workdays til vacation. Check.
Lost thirteen pounds. Check.
Two happy (one crazy, one sleepy) cats. Check.
Many happy relationships with friends and family. Check.
Understanding, cooperative and reliable tenants. Check.
Livin the dream, people, livin the dream.

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Debbi said...

LOST 13 pounds!?! ! That's awesome!!!!!!!!!