Thursday, May 14


Geraniums that I just planted a few days ago in planters on the front deck are having some problems. Suffering, really... I just brought them inside after a night OUTSIDE in sub zero weather. They look like wax plants =( I hope they survive...


Seriously. Having some issues with this shitty weather thing. Forecast WAS supposed to be for a nice weekend but I see that they've now updated for ANOTHER SUB ZERO DAY on Saturday (again, minus three). People. Seriously. I just want to buy my hanging baskets and at least be able to ENTERTAIN the thought that it's going to be WARM. For more than ONE DAY at a time.

So's anyways, when it DOES get warm - like in a few months or something - I would LIKE to get working on some yardwork. My front pathway is one of those old narrow concrete walks that has seen better days. I'd love to "resurface" it or clean it up somehow, maybe with one of those concrete sealer applications from RONA or find out the cost of getting exposed aggregate applied to it. I know updating the entrance would definitely add appeal and value so it's worth the time and effort. After this winter I just want to get outside, get physical and get rid of this cabin fever !!!!!!

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Shirl said...

Hi, just found your blog. So cold over where you are. We've just started early summer here in the UK but we had a bleak, bleak winter.

Shirl x