Monday, May 18

I never read the MSN news. Today, however, I went to clean out my hotmail accounts (which I use as spam blockers. Whenever I need to "create accounts" and register at sites online I use hotmail. Even when these sites SWEAR they would never share my email address with ANYONE I know they're ALWAYS full of pooh. Case in point- I had 142 messages in one week, all spam, in one hotmail account.) So's Im at and I see this ad here, which made me laugh since anger is maybe one of my bigger problems. Anger, rage, then immediate regret and depression. That's my process =P If I can ever, EVER learn to overcome this I might actually be able to move past my first level of Reiki LOL. I'm pretty sure it's one of the rules (she says knowingly) !!!!!!!!!! LOL =)
Anyhoo the article says to do 7 things to chill out : take a time out, do something physical, find ways to relax, don't stew (oooh, that one is my biggest. I love stew.. stewing I mean, I love stewing), focus on solutions (*Snort* what EVER..that is hilarious advice- like anyone is REASONABLE when they're mad- hello!? Who are these saints?! They're pissing me off already lol), look for the humor in it (omg if someone laughed at me when I was pissed off that would be a bad, bad scene) and don't hold a grudge (no prob- I can never hold grudges because I never remember about 5 minutes later what pissed me off) Serious short term anger memory =) Actually just really short term memory in general, since birth. Waddyado !

In other news I got my most recent Moneysense magazine in the mail which had a great article on Best Places to Live In Canada (on the link choose the slideshow option). REALLY good read and interesting comparisons. For instance I was unaware that Winnipeg (number 7 in the list of 145 Canadian cities to live) had so many new cars on the road, but laughed when I saw our crime rate. Apparently we have a lot of new stolen cars on the road =) Another great article on this site is Canada's Top Women Entrepreneurs. Take me all my vacation to read all about these 100 female professional powerhouses!! I'm such a nerd.

Speaking of being a nerd and wanting to learn about powerful women, I would've loved to check out this film The Notorious Mrs Armstrong. It just played the other night in Winnipeg. What fascinates me about it is the TIME FRAME. It was just three yrs after Emily Murphy became the first femal magistrate in AB that Mrs
Helen Armstrong, a working-class housewife and mother of four in Manitoba, rose to the front ranks of labour leadership during the Winnipeg General Strike of 1919, one of the largest worker uprisings in Canadian history. She would have been a contemporary and likely friend of Nelli McClung, another female activist. These chicks had some serious balls taking on the Suits at that date and time. Women were supposed to make the men sandwiches, push out babies and put laundry on the line, not turn into judges, holding mock parliaments or becoming labor movement leaders! (Course perhaps some took it a bit far with Eugenics, where people considered of lower intelligence were neutered lest they reproduce and become burdens on society. Then again, there is evidence to support her theories all around us LOL... I kid, I kid)

Perhaps they lived by Eleanor Roosevelt's words:

"You must do the things you think you cannot do."

"Do one thing every day that scares you."

"What you don't do can be a destructive force".
and finally...

"Women are like teabags.
We don't know our true strength until we are in hot water!"

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~n~ said...

mom used to laugh at me when i'd get mad. it wasn't nice. but i've had therapy and i'm over it now. :) LMAO