Tuesday, May 19

I'm just comparing my BC Property Taxes from recent years to my newest 2009 Manitoba Property Taxes. There seem to be a few differences. One being that my Winnipeg property taxes are FOUR TIMES that of my BC taxes. Half of which are SCHOOL TAXES.

Of GOD...

Apparently I will have to REMORTGAGE to manage to live here in this "affordable city".


Actually if I compare what my costs were (including mortgage payment, property AND lower income taxes) between BC and MB it was literally cheaper to live in BC. That's saying something. The only thing that's less here is GAS and MILEAGE on the cars because the "commute" here is so minor. Well under 10,000km a year on the cars- that's unheard of. In BC commuting around the Fraser Valley meant about 60km per day, per car or probably about 20,000km a year on each vehicle. I dunno. BC, it's a lot of wear and tear from mileage- here you get the wear and tear from pot holes.

But a three thousand dollar property tax bill with NO HOME OWNER'S GRANT is insane. INSANE. Why am I paying for some kid to go to school. Read a book already. Hit the internet, it's cheaper. For serious. I could finance five villages in Africa for a year with the money I'm pouring into school taxes here. What the eff.

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