Tuesday, May 19


1992 - 2009


My first cat-
rest in peace Squeaks


Debbi said...

I'm sorry for your loss, hun. :( hugs to you.

Prairie Chicken... said...

oh gosh. Just reading the post made my eyes well up with tears. I lost my first kitty Norma last year and its still such a soft spot.
RIP squeaker :)

~n~ said...

squeaker was one SERIOUSLY old cat. i laughed when mom said she buried her over by the flagpole, "away from apollo". I laughed so much about that; even in the afterlife the dog & cat need to be separated?!?! :) anyways, not to be insensitive to your grieving... i totally understand it's hard to lose your first cat. and no, you're not a crazy cat lady at all.

holymotherofgod said...

It's all good people, I'm not messed up over it - she had a good long life. I'm actually glad she lived to be 17 considering she lost a few of her 9 lives from brushes with cars etc! She did very well. I was glda to see her over Xmas and say my goodbyes; somehow when I saw her then I thought this may be the last time. I was ready to hear this kind of news from mom and dad. LOL ~n that is hilarious =P I didn't know the details of where she was buried!

Barbara said...

I was happily reading your blog and then I got to Squeaker and now I've got tears in my eyes. I really, really am not a crazy cat lady, although there are some people who I can't convince of this. Maybe it's because I have 6 of them. I do love any and all animals and I didn't set out to have 6 cats. It just happened.
Anyway I am sorry about Squeaker, but she sure had a good long life. Thanks so much for happening upon my blog and especially for commenting. I love it when that happens. I love the name of your blog... also I loved The Bobsey Twins.