Tuesday, May 12

Yep, disappointment. It's going around lately. Hopefully you didn't catch it; I have a serious case of it myself. Funny- I was just ranting to someone about it and then I read this post on a friend's blog. Oy. I just hate the feeling of things or people letting you down. On the Pollyanna flip side you should be glad to have discovered what is not working for you and be able to resolve it, or move in the direction that Life apparently wants you to go. Wudev, say what you will, it's a let down =P
I so need a vacation. Just four days to go...In my mind I'm going to get away. In reality I'm going to work on the yard, edge lawns, rip up weeds and plant new things in the border garden. One day I'll be able to go on a real trip, somewhere new, somewhere exciting, and see things you normally only see in National Geographic. One day. When is One Day anyways?!

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