Sunday, March 1

Well, it's March isn't it. Kind of glad to flip the calendar after last week's vexing race to the finish with the duplex.

I had four people - slash- couples from Tuesday onwards vying for the first appt to see the duplex. Some wanted to move in April 1, some March 15 and one couple announced more or less last minute on Wednesday that they wanted for March 1st. The March 1st people were willing (a) to put up payment right away and (b) meet me very late after 11pm on Thursday to submit their application and secure it. They did all this and are the successful renters much to the disappointment of the other applicants. I got up really early Friday to phone the other interested parties, give them the sour news and remove all my ads from teh internets.

Simultaneously, I spent the week securing house insurance, getting hydro re-connected into our names, making appts for internet, phone and cable connection. Meanwhile I was scrambling to get my bank to communicate with my lawyer and lastly finding the money to connect all the last final mortgage/ legal statement of adjustments by FRIDAY that unfortunately cost more than I expected. Nothing that couldn't be overcome; we did what we needed to do in order to secure our future. I know it was hard and at times this week REALLY REALLY overwhelming with other stresses added on top. But I can't let myself lose sight of the Big Picture and the True Long Term Goals because of minor short term discomfort and frustrations.

Today we are packing and getting our contents ready to move tomorrow first thing, speaking of frustration (does ANYONE like moving? Um, no). We have way more crap than I remember! Some stuff I was like, why do I still have this? So I listed some things online on Kijiji for sale - our built in dishwasher, our spare double bed set, some assorted boxes of stored clothes and jackets that I never unpacked when I got here, weights that I obviously don't use (shaddap), yada yada. May as well sell it; someone might want this stuff.

Pretty likely we will have to make some trips to get everything from our storage room - especially all the artworks that are odd shapes and sizes to attempt to pack. Ah, no rest for the wicked. Let the pace continue...


Beauty of Expression said...

I am glad you have your tenants. I am also glad that you are moving and setting up in your new place. It has been very draining on you for a while now...after you get settled then your life will get more you are an Aries..ok, so no rest..but hopefully it will be more pleasant and balanced..
Love you!
I nominated you for an award..go to my page to see what is up with that! lol

~n~ said...

good luck with the move today. hopefully it's sunny out and all goes well. :)
~thinking of you~