Tuesday, March 3

It's more or less a home, in two days time. Nice!

SO NICE to have this much space. Coming from a one bdrm condo this is fan-freakin-TAS-tic. A few surprises upon move in, which I suppose you have to expect. One of the movers borrowed the washroom (and it weren't a number one) at which point we discovered the toilet was turned off. When turned on it leaked all over the floor from the base. Needless to say we shut it off asap and called a plumber, and then our lawyer. Being that the toilet was turned off it seems a bit like something may have been KNOWN about said leak, yet not mentioned on the property disclosure. Duly noted, and quickly reported to Mister Lawyer Man, thank you very much, nice try.

Our other soo-prises included the what -we -thought -was -a -white -bathtub. Sadly a buyer beware moment; evidently one should inspect white bathtubs to see if, say, someone had painted it with white latex paint. Which some knob did, and when you run water in the tub it of course peels off and floats to the surface. I'll have to look up Shell Busey's remedy for that one. Or not, since he apparently recommends painting tubs... idiot.

This morning a long hot shower first thing in the morning to soothe some aching moving muscles was in order. But wait, there's more things that are just a little wrong. Like uhhhh the hot water tank that was turned on to vacation mode and had say, 5 litres of hot water in it this morning and turns Psycho cold on you within seconds. I hate when that happens. Quick and easy fix, though, and NOT involving a plumber which is great. Always in threes, so that was them three there.

Condo still has things in it to transfer here. As always you underestimate what you have stored. Our storage room was packed with boxes and bags and buckets. Likely still a few more trips cleaning out the kitchen contents and the last of that storage room. The light at the end of the tunnel is that we feel at home here, this is a GREAT house, we have SO much we get to do here to "make it ours" and it's highly likely we won't be going anywhere soon. And because MOVING SUCKS !!! =)


Prairie Girl said...

moving really does suck!
we moved into our house 10 months ago and since we moved in: the water heater had to be replaced, oven replaced, and our furnace knonked out!
but i love our wee house :) here's hoping the roof doesn't leak this spring!

Debbi said...

yay. Welcome 'home'.