Tuesday, March 10

Well, here we are, it must be Tuesday. Not that Tuesday, but this Tuesday. Could be next Tuesday....never know, might be Friday.

I'm exhausted. Everything lately is so much work. Is it the Virgo full moon or the time change or my move or all of the above?! Seriously. This week has run me ragged. Check this out :

The Virgo Full Moon is dissolving structures. It’s wiping away limitation. And it’s doing this through shifting our view of what’s real and what’s fantasy. But even more than this, it’s telling us that the world is coming into alignment with what we hold to be real and we have to trust what was previously only our fantasy. It was never fantasy, just a high level vision that seemed a bit crazy to obtain. The new structures to support our new selves are dropping into place. They are natural, simple, organic. Word. I see that. But why's it have to be so tiring LOL

The Full Moon finds itself sitting almost on top of Saturn in the Ajna Chakra, in the Gate of Oppression and Exhaustion. The Gate of “I Just Can’t Go On Another Step.” What a place to find a Full Moon, in it’s last moments before turning to renew itself. The key here is cheerfulness.

When we meet with adversity we remain cheerful despite all danger.

This cheerfulness is the source of all later success.

Ooooh...Dude I'm so at that gate!!! lol... screw cheerful, I'm going to bed. Without sleep there AIN'T no cheerful SO THERE!! And I literally CAN'T go on another step. I'm done. Spent. Finito. Ciao.


Anonymous said...

you're probably STILL sleeping... lol... (so are your niece & nephew, fwiw)... ya, i'm totally feeling this full moon, too. aarghh is all i have to say. a cheerful aarghh but aarghh nonetheless. this moon shall pass. :) good for you though - having a high level vision to achieve. i don't feel like i have a clear vision of anything right now. mentally i don't feel like my brain is firing on all cylinders. but this will go soon enough. :)

Debbi said...

makes sooooo much stuff make sense. But the new moon will arise eventually, love, no worries.
Go sleep.

I can't have cheerfulness without sleep either!