Wednesday, March 11

Imagine if you will, your life is like an exciting car race. You choose a vehicle. You choose a path. Do you want a rally style race? Do you want an Amazing Race scavenger hunt where you explore and find things along the way? Do you want a figure eight track with cash prizes and recognition? Maybe you don't want to race at all but just see what's out there- pioneer, survey the land ahead of you, enjoy the drive. There are SO many options... You choose your vehicle and head to the starting line. Wait, there are some fees to enter this race. Crap. Whatever, everything costs money, right?! That's life. You sit at the starting line, checking out the road ahead of you. Some people just dive in and start quickly- go go go! Some stay and analyze and survey the road, contemplating HOW to drive it. When you're ready, you begin to drive. You hit some spots you didn't realize had potholes but as you go along you either recognize them when they pop up or continue to hit them, unaware. You see some glorious lakes and mountains that you didn't know were along your journey or become mesmerized by the beauty of the sunrises and sunsets. You pause and reflect at some spots along the way. In other more foreboding places, or on days that the weather is poor and the outlook not so bright, you look forward to what you will find ahead. While you drive you remember the people you bumped into on your journey. People you gave a lift to, people who gave you a lift. People who made a difference or continue to make a difference in your race. Maybe you picked up someone along the way, and you likely had to leave people behind when they reached their stop.

The great thing is that you never know what's out there. It's truly in the exploration and the challenges that you find the greatest rewards. Without rain you wouldn't celebrate the sunshine. Without minus 40 windchills in March you wouldn't look forward to late April and May when possibly the weather will allegedly improve =P Every moment of it is necessary to appreciate and understand and respect for what it is. Around every corner is some new horizon. A new emotional place.

This is life. And today we can welcome little Mister Bryson into this race, who was born last night and is just checking out his starting line today. Welcome little man =) Welcome to your car race, whatever you decide to make it into.

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~n~ said...

very well-written. excellent flow and smack dab on! and congratulations to bryson and his parents! :)
hip hip cheerio