Monday, March 16

This is a photo of Poland. I put it here because I *believe* we may be having "Babcha" (Grandmother) over for dinner this Saturday evening. She only speaks Polish! But I am SO glad to have her here. I truly miss the dinners we had at my Nana's, and just the general interaction with grandparents now that they are all but gone. Too bad they come into your life when you're too young to appreciate them; why is that?!

It's such a unique, honored and special relationship to be a grandparent. (This coming from someone who publicly denounced parenthood a few short years ago LOL!! Which I still STAND BY but I'll get to that in another post) But honestly if you *are* a grandparent I think it's such a neat relationship to have. Firstly to see your KIDS as parents and recall all YOUR memories of bringing home your children and raising them. Secondly to know that part of YOU exists in them. That must be a holy cow moment to recognize that essentially these kids represent you in some form or fashion (Seriously! Your "legacy" if you will! If it weren't for you in the FIRST place, they wouldn't BE HERE!) I find geneaology amazing. Really- it is, to see where grandchildren get inherent skills, talents and aptitudes from.

I had a lady come by the other day to purchase a cabinet I had for sale. She complimented my grandmother's artworks. I was so proud to say that they were hers, because likewise I love them but more than that- I know where they came from. In fact one particular painting I know I saw in its sketch state when I was roughly 21 years old. When my Nana died when I was almost 30 and her estate was being given away I saw the painting again- only finished. I saw that she had taken what I said about the sketch and painted it, and I was so floored. I was so glad to get that particular painting, knowing that I had collaborated with her verbally about what direction to take it years earlier. It is the only piece I have that I have of hers that provides that connection with her abilities and my artistic suggestions. I always felt that I was meant to have that painting. It's called Hidden Pathway.

Art is one of those skills that will go on beyond your own lifetime. I recognize its value now, more so than in previous years. When you create, you leave a mark on the world. So go create- in some form; in ANY form. You touch other people by doing so. Go be creative today! Be something to others by doing so. What a fantastic legacy =)


Beauty of Expression said...

Aww..It will be nice to meet "J's" Babcha...Enjoy!

When it gets warmer maybe i can come for din


holymotherofgod said...

I would SO love that!! YES YES YES!!

Debbi said...

Although I look forward to your publicly denounced children post, I LOVE grammas. I was lucky to have 3 incredible ones (Grampa remarried after my other gramma died when I was a teen)

I love genealogy too.

Anonymous said...

lol... what are the chances. I hope that this is true for me. Kick me in the but but when I saw the heartbeat of my grandchild, it was like being given a gift. Love my life now. I'll visit some day soon.