Wednesday, February 4

Yay, over the humps!
Over a few humps, actually.
Today my antibiotics kicked in and I'm steadily getting better. I had a coughing fit this afternoon but overall had a pretty good day considering how I have been up til now. Day One on the drugs (yesterday) introduced some unwelcome side effects which luckily were not long lasting. By this morning they were far less evident. The asthma puffer is indeed magic. Some sort of corti-something steroid that energizes and confuses you. It's rather good!

We have a professional couple interested in our place, which is great. They are expecting this Fall, and looking to move from their current apartment into more of a "home" to start their family. Looks like this situation could really work out; I just have to receive a written commitment from them and deposit to confirm their intentions. I have to say my interest was piqued when the husband said they are both artists who freelance. I have mixed feelings, since yes this excites me being a creative person myself but knowing their incomes are from freelance work doesn't necessarily bode well in that respect. However, the offer is for a 3 month lease so let's try it and see.

My last hump to overcome is just the final step- selling the condo. Once we move into the duplex I will glady sell this place and leave condo living behind. It's been an experience, this condo thing. I never lived in one before this. I owned a home in BC for years with privacy and seclusion. It was lovely (other than the house itself! But the LAND was gorgeous) Condo living has been rules, and neighbours that complain about "when are you done with the laundry", and "you can't throw that wood in the garbage", or people who complain "your car is too big, I can't park next to you easily". Just such whiny, annoying things. Just today I got a notice (and it isn't the first) from the condo board saying "anyone with cats cannot have them in the halls. We know you have cats and you're one of the few that does so we have our eye on you" blah blah blah. My cats are *never* in the hall. *EVER*. So I just find that kind of frustrating. If, for some reason, at some time my cats ARE in the hall can you just TELL ME rather than slipping a typed up, certified letter from the board under my door?!

Speaking of notices, whenever there is a community posting on our condo bulletin board near the mailboxes, people have the need to make cowardly, snide comments on them. For instance we had our front window broken recently. It was an accident, probably from someone moving in. A notice was put up literally stating "The broken window was the result of an accident, not a break in. There is no cause for concern". People wrote all over this notice in pencil, in pen, things like BULLS*IT, and BRUTE FORCE, and just the most ridiculous, judgemental comments they could. The person responsible wrote SORRY IT WAS AN ACCIDENT on it, hence the brute force comment in response to the apology. What does this prove?! How does this help improve the FEELING of living there to other residents in the condo? Or potential residents? I took the sign down, I figured someone should. All it serves is to spread ill will. So good riddance, condo living.

Yes, looking forward to all this lovely, personal space in the duplex. I think the master bdrm is as large as my condo !! Actually, just to have 3 floors of 1000 square feet each to use is going to be great coming from 700 total sq ft. Plus a YARD that I can PLANT FLOWERS in (which is when, here, JUNE?! lol) and play in the dirt again. Mmmm, playing in the dirt. I miss gardening and having a BBQ. Yes, this last hump is going to be a good one to overcome =)

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