Friday, February 6

Intoxicated chickens dizzily trying to fly

Well, I can SEE the finish line. I KNOW that in just a few months, even, all of this will be a distant memory of us jogging along towards the goal of getting a freakin' tenant!! The odd thing is there are SO many phone calls, SO many people who seem SO interested. But getting someone to commit to signing in the small time frame I have available to me is a little tough. I may have to (worse case scenario) wait until March 1st to rent it out and possibly get someone for April 1st. Meanwhile I will purchase this Finish Line doormat so that every day I can feel like I accomplished something =P

It is, after all, a full moon on Monday. A great day to see things come to completion, to finish, to finalize and wrap up. This is actually a GREAT weekend to gitter done! I believe this particular full moon is actually a lunar eclipse. I tried to read an astrologer's take on it, but there were a lot of words that spilled into paragraphs, and then pages, and bleh... I couldn't get through it all. I think the gyst of it is that this lunar eclipse full moon action is referred to as the Snow Moon in the Farmer's Almanac. I know this full moon is in Leo. "The beauty of Leo is how much it truly cares about others, and since this is a Full Moon, let’s get into a celebratory space and bask in the light of Leo’s positive qualities." Leo is the charismatic memorable leader who works on developing themselves and others. So this weekend and on Monday's lunar eclipse, just think of showing up with a serious commitment to who you are and not backing down for anything. Release your intentions! Make your vision board and contemplate what you're after.

(And someone needs to tell me what Sabian Symbols are and why they translate to things like "intoxicated chickens dizzily trying to fly"... what the...???

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~n~ said...

talk about gettin' 'er done: i even washed out the fridge today!!! took me over an HOUR... it is so so SOOOOOOO clean in there now!!!

now if only i had the energy to wash the floors, clean the bathrooms and wash the windows before the birthday party tomorrow. sighhhhhh, i need a Stan.