Saturday, February 7

Nyquil is highly overrated

Yeah, nothing works or has worked. 10 days I have suffered with this wicked chest cough. I lie down, I can't sleep and lie there wheezing so I get up and sit here wheezing. Then I lie down and I ... you get the picture. So I went to 2 medical clinics today - one prescribed Prednisone (which thanks, but no thanks) and a chest xray on Monday (agreed). The other doc more antibiotics and some special cough syrup (doubled up on both today). If these don't work I will take the Prednisone but only if I have to. Talking is bad. Moving around is bad. Both create massive irritation and horrible coughing attack. The only good thing is that I have no appetite. Well, that's really all I wanted to report today. Kind of a downer post. I've been avoiding talking about it because I'd rather report good things =)


Debbi said...

good things:
you have access to clinics where Drs with edumacations can help.
You are purging your body of unwanted beings every cough.
You are building a stronger immune system.
You are forcing yourself to slow down.
You are possibly losing a pound or threw! :)
You are blogging. Yay.

Debbi said...

*pound or three

holymotherofgod said...

Dude, heading to work right now but holy medicine head. Wow... far out... I think I know why Alannis sang about being on antibiotics...