Tuesday, February 10

I found out this weekend that my sign on my property is wrong.

/*slaps forehead...

Yes, for almost 2 weeks now apparently I have been advertising to how many vehicles as they drive by my rental, a 2 BDRM 2 BATH FULLY FURNISHED BSMT. Indeed, the first part is correct. It is 2 plus 2. Sadly, someone answered FIVE and intperpreted my original order of the bsmt being FINISHED, as being FURNISHED. Hmmm, so close and yet so far. Before I point fingers, however, I asked for my original work order to be sent to me so I can verify my handwriting. Normally it is pretty legible, but let's err on the side of caution afore we freak out. =)

Lots of interest still, but omg will someone just commit already. Send me a completed tenant application form, for the love of gawd! I showed the place to easily a dozen couples over the last 2 weeks. I answered closer to 40 phonecalls. I still get about 3-4 calls per day from my Kijiji ads with positive feedback from my slideshow. I keep hearing from everyone that comes through, everyone that emails and checks out what is on the market, that "your place is beautiful" and "it's at the top of their list"- things like that. 3 couples that are interested need more time, however, looking for April and even May tenancy. I would hope, though, by the end of the month that we get someone in there. Regardless this venture will pay off but I'd much rather have that happen sooner than later.

Speaking of paying off, who knew that Prednisone could cure chest colds. I was VERY resistant to taking 50mg for 7 days. I know it's short term but still- I know what it's effects are, how addictive it is, and frankly I didn't want to go there. But I started it yesterday at 10am. By 7pm I had NO cough, I had energy, I had focus, I was all but cured. All in a day! WTF! Who knew! I am amazed and stand corrected. But am still confused that 7 days of zithromax antiobitics did NOTHING- nada, zip, zilch. I even confess I DOUBLED the dosage for 3 days to get rid of this terrible cough. No result. I took 3 different bottles of cough syrup- drank them like water- nothing. Nada. Took that stupid puffer- same. Took Nyquil, Dayquil, Benylin, Sudafed... nothing. Only a virus is resistant to that much medication in that variety.

Whatever, I figure I'm cured! ... if not now hopelessly addicted to prednisone for life...lol

ps. YAY WORDLE... ! Thanks for the Bloggess introducing us all ....

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~n~ said...

SO glad you're cured! Yay! on the flip side, we once had the dog on Prednisone!! and before you ask if it's safe to take medication that your pet takes, keep in mind that dh has taken medication meant for the dog before (not the prednisone, mind you, but still i'm LMAO) and cured himself of nasty viruses, too. ROFL nevertheless, SO glad you're cured.

OOPS on the rental sign. (took me 3 reads of the pic to realize it was misspelled, LOL) the right tenants will come along, have faith. :)

have a great day, breathing nice and deep and clearly... 'cuz now you can. :)