Wednesday, February 11

Apparently I missed this show a few years ago when it debuted on NBC then got cancelled after only nine episodes. I managed, however, to catch a rerun last night on TV. Omg, I cried. What a complete tear jerker! The premise of the show is to grant people wishes (exuse the Amy Grant pun there lol). They went to a senior's retirement home and granted wishes to some old timers who just wanted to feel active and alive again. One guy's wish at 80 something yrs old was to be a jazz musician again, so off he goes to a jazz club in front of a crowd of cheering people, his old blazing fingers pounding away on his little jazz piano! One really emotional young black guy in college (whose grandfather had only died 2 weeks before the shoot) had a terrible stutter. He said people thought he was retarded and it was really holding him back. They gave him some sort of hearing implant and COMPLETELY cured his stutter. He was so overcome with emotion. I felt so strongly for him, for people to dismiss him for years due to a speech impediment, and suddenly have a new lease on life. My gawd. One old lady wanted to be a flight attendant, so off she goes to serve people on a flight! And one young 33 yr old mother finds out she is adopted after both her parents die just 2 yrs previously and is instantly struck with "who is my real mom" and "who am I", "Where do I come from", "does she still want to meet ME" and omg.... I can only imagine what must go through your mind. And at the end of the show, in front of THOUSANDS of people at an Amy Grant - Hootie and the Blow Fish concert, mom and daughter are tearfully reunited. Well, good gawd if I wasn't a mess by then. All these lovely people, connecting with their dreams, oy! I couldn't TAKE it!!

Speaking of dreams- WEIRD ONE the night before last. Apparently Kevin Bacon was in Winnipeg. He was all low key, looking for unique architectural buildings to photograph and old antique books. He was apparently working on some artistic endeavors he does on the side and I was leading him around, pointing out places to shoot. Probably had this dream because (a) of the one couple that were going to rent from us that were artists and videographers and (b) because I watched him on tv the other night discussing his charity- 6 Degrees (named after the famous game of 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon). Nothing amazing happened in it; just kind of connecting with some sort of mutual interest in art, architecture and antiques. I seem to be on a theme here of appreciation lately; finding things I connect with emotionally or maybe just connecting with things more emotionally lately. Could be the Prednisone =P lol.... let's hope it isn't. I think the "need to connect" is too important to dismiss.

I met a new little man named CHASE yesterday at work! He is just a few days old; new member of the Costco Family to manager Sandra =) Chase had his little arm across his face at delivery and got a few bruises which are now just limited to a teeny baby black eye which is SO ADORABLE! He looks like a ittle boxer! Awwwww!! Welcome, little newcomer! Only a few weeks until we have another Costco Family member so this should be a neat time of meeting some new little faces.

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Beauty of Expression said...

It's awesome that you are feeling a connection to art, architecture and antiques..Drew and I have decided to start sketching again regularly..We are all artists and need to let the creativity flow......... it could be the prednisone making you more know how I feel about the steroid of doom.......stop taking it as soon as you can even though it makes you feel woman!! lol

Love you Baby Cakes