Thursday, February 12

The calm after the full moon madness... or IS IT ?!?

It was LOST night last yesterday and that show just doesn't disappoint. Finally more questions being ANSWERED than being created. I even questioned Sawyer's Nickname Generator online and discovered my real name is EL DOCKO... course I tried it a second time and ended up with Kenny Rogers, so who knew, who knew... =)

Conclusions and resolutions are good things. I'm feelin' that this week, for sure. Everything is wrapping up: the mortgage, some tasks at work, the upcoming exchanging of homes here, my insurance claim for my condo should finalize shortly, T4s come out for taxes asap, yada yada. It's all about the END OF THINGS mu haw haw haw haw!

See, it's even the end of the week tomorrow! Yup, Friday the 13th... ooogiddy boogiddy! Apparently the real name for the FEAR of the FRIDAY the 13th is paraskavedekatriaphobia. Don't try to say it out loud, you'll feel stupid and spit a lot.


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~n~ said...

ooogiddy boogiddy right back at ya there, El Docko. lmao that's hilarious. glad things are wrapping up in so many ways. closure. it's all about closure.... :)