Tuesday, February 3

Finally went to the walk in clinic yesterday to deal with this insistent cough. Although I *know* from past experience that I have bronchitis based on the deep, rib shattering coughing I'm enjoy daily, the doctor assessed me with asthma. Asthma, seriously?! I mean, for REAL? I have to go back on Saturday and see her to find out how I responded to the medications she gave me. Alls I know is nothing over the counter was doing a THING to help, and this weird, squeaky, liquidy noise escapes when I breathe out all the way. Like when you walk on seaweed at the ocean, know what I mean? It makes that squeezy, high pitched, air-through-liquid sound when you walk on it! That's what my lungs sound like! OY! Freaked me out when I first heard it. I turned over to go to sleep and I was breathing out my mouth and I hear this squishy wheezy noise. I actually looked around for a second, like what the eff was that?! When I lay down again and heard it I realized omfg, that's ME...!! Holymother... what the... ?! Hence my trip to the clinic asap. I thought I had the 'numonia. =)
Otherwise, all is the same- showing more potential tenants the place tomorrow evening. I had no idea there were so many people with dogs out there, eh? Holy moly, that really must limit how many places you can find to rent, I would think. Being that this home isn't fenced all the way around, dogs aren't a great idea unless they're a mostly-indoor small breed. Too bad I can't request people with snakes, lizards or spiders or something. Maybe I should request that, LOL...!!
Over and out- I'm away with my sore ribs and my puffer to get in touch with my Inner Stevie from Malcolm In The Middle.... I... need... to.... (gasp)... take my... med...medicine...so I don't get sick... ick! =P


Jenny, the Bloggess said...

I had asthma last year but I got bored with it and it stopped. True story. Just try getting bored. Also, it might have something to do with the fact that it's not allergy season right now.

Beauty of Expression said...

Glad to hear you went to the doc. Sorry to hear that you are a wheezer...lol ;p I hope it helps...maybe it is just the added stress making that occur right now. Sounds like you need some healing vibes your way....love you Girl!

Take your meds like a good girl and take some TLC time to heal woman!!!!!Good god...you are gonna wait till you fall on your face aren't you! *shakes head*

I love you anyways..even though you over work yourself.

OrLaNd said...

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Julia-Star said...

I just got diagnosed with asthma this summer. I have had 4 attacks since then. I can't do anything physically, i can barely walk up my stairs without wheezing. It sucks. My meds save me. :)

Teeya said...

I was diagnosed with an enormous amonut of allergies and asthma right out of the womb and im only 19.I was in the hospital almost everyother day in the week.When I was six I moved from boston Mass to denver Colorado where the air is amazing and my asthma problems have lowered even though im back in boston now.When you feel an attack coming remember breathe in your nose out your mouth even during the attack use a humidifier and spit out all flem and drink a caffinated soda or coffee.Or have someone you trust press their chest agaisnt your back and match their breathing patterns.It all works wonders.And you CANNOT get bored of asthma.That person either moved somewhere with better air,drinks alot of caffinated drinks,or smokes alot of "hemp" that believe it or not does overtime help decrease asthma attacks my cousin has glacoma and asthma and he uses medical marijuana and hes in the same boat I was and hasnt had an attack since 96 and he didnt move doesnt drink coffee or soda.You probably know this all but seeing your post reminded me of when I was 5 in the hospital wheezzing.Keep that inhaler on you at all times good luck!!!!