Sunday, February 1

I found them in the snow.
I had to go out, despite the raging cough and it being a cold snowy evening, to make a made dash to the bank. I was frustrated, maybe even a little pissed off at having to go out. It was either I go and take care of things or discover two NSFs in the morning which I'd rather not deal with, so off I went. Anyways, I came out from the bank machine, looked down and discovered these little berries in the snow which I figure must be my prize for doing so.

So what about strawberries, anyways?

Strawberry signs
Because of its heart shape, the strawberry (a member of the rose family) has long been a symbol of purity, passion and healing in literature and art through the ages. To signify flawlessness and virtue, medieval stonemasons carved strawberry designs in churches. In the same period, strawberry soup was traditionally served to the bride and groom at their wedding feast. It was also thought that strawberry birthmarks were a sign of royalty. This delicate heart-shaped berry has always connoted purity, passion and healing.

Maybe the healing part, or the "being fruitful" part is what meaning was meant for me. Or, they could be just part of a tacky keychain found in the snow =P At any rate I got a prize today, and it was berry nice.


Debbi said...

hahaha, it was berry nice.

Beauty of Expression said...

Awww..berry berry nice indeed!
That was a nice little treat for you to cheer you up...hope you are feeling better soon...You might need to slow er..*cough* get better you they believe in sick days out in your part of the world?? Sick day..yes I swore..I said it so there!! lol

OrLaNd said...


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